Poulomi Das Is All Praise To Karan Kundrra

Poulomi Das Is All Praise To Karan Kundrra

Poulomi Das, a participant in Bigg Boss OTT 3, has expressed deep admiration for fellow contestant Karan Kundrra, describing him as a compassionate individual and praising his relationship with Tejasswi Prakash. According to Das, Kundrra is not just a supportive figure but also someone she considers akin to a brother and her most ardent well-wisher.

During her time on the reality show, Poulomi Das has observed Karan Kundrra closely, noting his qualities beyond the competitive environment. She has highlighted his genuine persona and his role as a pillar of support, not only for her but for others in the house as well. Das emphasized Kundrra’s caring nature and his ability to foster positive relationships, particularly with Tejasswi Prakash, which she views as a testament to his character.

Poulomi Hails Karan Kundrra, as a Supportive Figure and Admirer of Tejasswi Prakash

Poulomi Das commended Karan Kundrra’s integrity and kindness, labeling him as one of the most genuine individuals she has encountered. She pointed out that his bond with Tejasswi Prakash reflects a deep understanding and mutual respect, portraying him in a favorable light both on and off the screen of Bigg Boss OTT 3.

Das further elaborated on Kundrra’s supportive role in her journey within the Bigg Boss house, describing him as not just a co-contestant but someone who has consistently offered guidance and encouragement. She emphasized the familial bond they share, likening their relationship to that of siblings and underscoring his unwavering support as her closest confidant in the competition.

Karan Kundrra’s demeanor and conduct, according to Poulomi Das, exemplify qualities that extend beyond the confines of a reality TV show, resonating with authenticity and compassion. His admiration for Tejasswi Prakash, coupled with his camaraderie with Das herself, paints a picture of him as a compassionate and supportive individual amidst the competitive dynamics of Bigg Boss OTT 3.



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