Helly Shah’s Triumphant OTT Debut: A New Chapter Begins

Helly Shah, a popular television actress, has recently made a remarkable comeback in the entertainment industry with her debut in the OTT space. After a deliberate three-year break, she returned to the screens with the fourth season of “Gullak,” streaming on SonyLiv. Her journey is not just a return to acting but also a testament to self-discovery and personal growth.

Finding Peace and Purpose During the Break

Helly Shah, who started her acting career in her teens, is known for her roles in shows like “Zindagi Ka Har Rang Gulaal,” “Swaragini,” “Devanshi,” and “Sufiyana Pyaar Mera.” After her last show, “Ishq Mein Marjawan 2,” she decided to take a break from acting to focus on herself.

“Before I took a break, I forgot how to have fun and enjoy life. I was happy, but I felt that I was missing out on so many things. That’s why I wanted to take a break. All I wanted was to do nothing and do things at my own pace,” Helly shared.

This three-year hiatus allowed her to work on her craft, but more importantly, it gave her time to transform as a person. “After working for 10 years, you are allowed to do that for yourself. You are allowed to make your own decision. I wanted to try a different way, and my own way to do things,” she added.

Helly’s break was a conscious decision, and she is glad she took it. “Those three years genuinely transformed me as a human. I am much calmer and much more patient. I’m at a stage wherein I don’t take things very seriously. There is struggle, but I am much at peace.”

Embracing the OTT Space with “Gullak 4”

Returning to the entertainment world with “Gullak 4” was a significant step for Helly. The show, known for its relatable storyline and nostalgic elements, provided her with a perfect platform to showcase her talent in the OTT space. Helly reveals that she shot for two other projects before “Gullak 4,” but it was the first to release.

“It was supposed to happen like that, and I am so happy about it. Gullak is a relatable show with a fan base. It makes everyone cherish their own childhood memories. Entering this world was very easy for me,” Helly expressed.

As for the future of her character in “Gullak,” Helly hints that there is more to come. “The brief that I got was that they are introducing this new character in the show. This is the first time that somebody was introduced, which creates a little bit of curiosity and adds a little bit of freshness. Now, I am hopeful that it gets developed further in the coming seasons.”


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