Zeenat Aman Discusses About The Pay Disparities

Zeenat Aman Discusses About The Pay Disparities

In a recent interview, Zeenat Aman’s remarks highlight the importance of acknowledging the strides made by today’s female actors while reflecting critically on the historical inequities that shaped the industry.

During the conversation, Aman emphasized the dedication required in her era, highlighting how she and her peers memorized dialogues meticulously to avoid mistakes on set. This attention to detail, she suggested, was not just a professional ethic but a necessity in an industry where retakes were expensive and time-consuming.

Discussing the financial landscape of Bollywood, Aman noted a significant shift in how female actors are compensated today compared to the past. She pointed out that contemporary actresses are commanding fees that were unimaginable in her time, hinting at the disparity between the remuneration of male and female actors then and now.

The veteran actress, known for her iconic roles in films like “Satyam Shivam Sundaram” and “Don,” expressed a blend of admiration and surprise at the current scale of earnings in the industry. While acknowledging the strides made by female actors today, Aman subtly questioned the historical underpayment of actresses relative to their male counterparts during her era.

Zeenat Aman’s reflections shed light on broader issues of gender pay equity in Bollywood, a topic that has garnered increasing attention in recent years. Her comments resonate at a time when discussions on fair compensation for women in all fields, including entertainment, continue to gain momentum globally.

Zeenat Aman recalled the legendary Rajesh Khanna

Zeenat Aman also reflected on her illustrious career in Bollywood, reminiscing about the bygone era when she and her contemporaries did not command the astronomical fees seen today. Zeenat Aman nostalgically recalled how actors of her generation, including the legendary Rajesh Khanna, meticulously memorized their lines to deliver flawless performances, contrasting it with the current scenario where female actors are reportedly earning multiples of what they did in their time.



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