Thalapathy Vijay refused to Eat with Mohanlal: Know Why?

Thalapathy Vijay, a revered figure in South Indian cinema known for his numerous box office successes, has often collaborated with legendary actors, including Mohanlal. Their partnership in R.T. Neason’s film Jilla remains particularly notable. Recently, Joe Malloori, a fellow actor in the film, shared an intriguing story from the filming period involving a memorable dinner with Vijay and Mohanlal.

Mohanlal and Thalapathy Vijay Dinner

During the production of Jilla, Vijay extended a gracious dinner invitation to Mohanlal, his wife, and Joe Malloori at his home. They arrived at Vijay’s residence around 7 p.m., where Vijay, his wife, and their two children warmly welcomed them. As the evening progressed, when it was time to eat, only the guests were served food.

Despite Mohanlal’s repeated invitations for Vijay to join them, Vijay chose to serve rather than eat with them. Joe Malloori recounted this story to highlight Vijay’s exceptional hospitality and his habit of ensuring his guests were well cared for. He humorously added that he teased Vijay the next day, saying, “Eat, Vijay eat. You’re too used to waiting until everyone else has eaten.”

Dynamics of Jilla

Jilla, an action drama written and directed by R.T. Neason, stars Vijay and Mohanlal in the lead roles. The film’s plot revolves around the conflict between a crime boss and his adopted son, who is a police officer. The story explores the son’s evolving perspective on the law following a violent incident and his subsequent challenges.

Released on January 10, 2014, Jilla is remembered for its compelling narrative and the powerful performances of its lead actors. The film’s exploration of familial loyalty and moral dilemmas resonated with audiences, contributing to its success both critically and commercially.

Vijay’s Hospitality to Mohanlal

Vijay’s decision to serve his guests rather than dine with them underscores his deep-rooted values of hospitality and respect. This incident, as narrated by Joe Malloori, paints a vivid picture of Vijay’s character off-screen. His actions during the dinner reflect a selflessness and a commitment to ensuring his guests’ comfort.

Qualities that have endeared him to colleagues and fans alike. Joe Malloori’s light-hearted teasing the following day added a touch of humor to the story, but also highlighted Vijay’s humility and grounded nature despite his stardom.


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