Sukku.. What’s wrong?

Director Sukumar is known for his complicated plot twists and intricately detailed movies. But now, he seems to be complicating the movie shooting too. As it’s known, his movie with Icon Star Allu Arjun, Pushpa part 1, was a sensational blockbuster worldwide. There are huge expectations for the sequel. Sukku didn’t anticipate this range of success for the film and was of a free mind while shooting the first part. But now, the inside sources say that the director is feeling the weight of all the expectations on the movie. It’s said that he is writing and rewriting many scripts in order to reach the expectations. The movie’s reach in the Hindi belt, too, is said to be weighing him down.

Reportedly, the star director is in distress and is having a tough time deciding the final plot. The Mythri Movie Makers have given him complete freedom regarding budget and cast crew. They are ready to bring anything he wants for the film. Sukku, known for being emotional and very sensitive, has too much respect for their belief in him, which in turn is becoming a burden to him. Even the fans are very supportive of the film. They are trending the movie on social media whenever possible so that people will not forget the Pushpa before the sequel’s arrival. Yet, the Arya director is stuck at the script level. Both the Mythri and fans are anticipating the experienced director to complete the script ASAP and will bring their star onto the screen.


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