Sabrina Carpenter steps in for Tyler at Outside Lands.

Sabrina Carpenter Announces ‘Short n’ Sweet’ North American Tour and Album Release

Sabrina Carpenter, the rising star in the pop music scene, has unveiled exciting plans for her fans with the announcement of her upcoming North American tour titled ‘Short n’ Sweet’ and the release of her sixth studio album, scheduled for August 23. The tour, which kicks off on September 23 in Columbus, Ohio, promises to bring Carpenter’s electrifying performances to major cities across the continent, including iconic venues like Madison Square Garden in New York City and Arena in Los Angeles.

Carpenter’s announcement comes amidst growing anticipation for her new album, which is poised to showcase her evolving musical style and artistic growth. With tickets set to go on sale starting June 28, fans are eagerly preparing to secure their spots at what promises to be a series of unforgettable live performances.

Supporting Causes: Sabrina Carpenter’s Commitment to Social Impact

In a significant move beyond music, Sabrina Carpenter has also dedicated her tour to support the newly established Sabrina Carpenter Fund. Partnering with the nonprofit PLUS1, Carpenter aims to contribute to causes that focus on animal welfare, mental health advocacy, and support for the LGBTQ+ community. This initiative reflects Carpenter’s commitment to using her platform to make a positive impact on society, aligning her music career with meaningful social causes.

As anticipation builds for both her album release and tour, Sabrina Carpenter continues to captivate audiences with her musical talent and dedication to making a difference. Her upcoming performances are set to not only entertain but also inspire fans across North America, solidifying her position as a versatile artist and philanthropist in the global music industry.


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