Ryan Reynolds Reveals: ‘Deadpool’ Was Initially Pitched as a Road Trip Film

Ryan Reynolds Reveals: ‘Deadpool’ Was Initially Pitched as a Road Trip Film. Hollywood superstar Ryan Reynolds has always been candid about his experiences in the entertainment industry. From his witty social media posts to his self-deprecating humour, Reynolds has become a beloved figure both on and off the screen. Recently, he dropped a bombshell during an interview: the “Deadpool” films were originally pitched as a road trip movie.

The Unconventional Beginning

When we think of the “Deadpool” franchise, we envision action-packed sequences, irreverent humour, and fourth-wall-breaking moments. However, according to Reynolds, the initial concept was far simpler. In an exclusive chat with Entertainment Weekly, he shared, “I didn’t know if I’d ever be playing Deadpool again. It’s not something I would’ve said necessarily publicly, but I didn’t know.”

The original pitch was a far cry from the high-octane superhero flicks we’ve come to associate with the Merc with a Mouth. Imagine a low-budget indie film—a $5 or $6 million production—with no flashy special effects. Instead, it was a dialogue-heavy road trip adventure featuring Reynolds as Deadpool and Karan Soni’s character, Dopinder. Their journey was meant to take them from Point A to Point B, collecting oddities and encounters along the way.

From Point A to Point B

Reynolds elaborated on the concept: “Literally, it was just a talkie-talkie road trip with me and Dopinder. We’d stumble upon quirky situations, meet eccentric characters, and maybe find a few Easter eggs. It wasn’t meant to be an event movie. If we were on our way to Point C, it was meant to just get us to Point B.”

The idea of a road trip film set in the “Deadpool” universe is intriguing. Imagine Deadpool and Dopinder crammed into a beat-up car, bantering about life, love, and chimichangas. Perhaps they’d encounter other mutants along the way—some helpful, others downright bizarre. And who knows? Maybe they’d even stop at a roadside diner for some pancakes.

The Evolution of Deadpool: Ryan Reynolds Reveals: ‘Deadpool’ Was Initially Pitched as a Road Trip Film. Of course, the franchise took a different turn. The first “Deadpool” film, released in 2016, became a massive hit, blending action, humor, and meta-commentary. Fans fell in love with Reynolds’ portrayal of the foul-mouthed antihero, and the sequel only amplified the madness.


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