Richa Chadha defends Deepika Padukone on her choice of wearing heels during pregnancy

Richa Chadha defends Deepika Padukone on her choice of wearing heels during pregnancy:

Deepika Padukone, amidst the excitement of expecting her first child with Ranveer Singh, graced the pre-release event of her upcoming film Kalki 2898 AD in Mumbai. She elegantly donned a black bodycon midi dress paired with matching tie-up high heels, exuding grace and style at the event.
Deepika Padukone found herself at the center of online criticism from certain quarters of social media. Netizens took to various platforms to express concern over her choice of wearing heels while being three months away from her due date, expected to welcome motherhood in September 2024. One user in particular singled out the actress for her footwear choice during pregnancy, sparking a wave of debate online.
In a show of solidarity, fellow actress Richa Chadha, who is also currently pregnant, swiftly defended Deepika Padukone against the online backlash. Richa Chadha publicly denounced the criticism, emphasizing that expectant mothers must have the freedom to decide what makes them comfortable during pregnancy.

Richa Chadha: No Uterus No Opinion”

Backing Deepika Padukone’s choice, an influencer weighed in with a supportive video message, asserting that the mom-to-be has every right to prioritize her comfort without external interference. The influencer’s video garnered traction, resonating with many who supported Deepika Padukone’s autonomy in her fashion decisions during this special time.
Richa Chadha, quoting similar sentiments, underscored the importance of respecting personal choices and experiences when it comes to pregnancy-related matters. She briefly stated her viewpoint in a comment on the influencer’s reel, emphasizing the principle of “no uterus, no gyaan,” implying that opinions should stem from empathy and understanding rather than uninformed judgment.
The incident surrounding Deepika Padukone’s fashion choice has sparked broader conversations online about societal expectations and norms imposed on expectant mothers. It has also highlighted the significance of empathy and support within the community, especially during sensitive phases like pregnancy.


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