Ranveer Singh and Prasanth Varma: Creative Differences

Director Prasanth Varma and actor Ranveer Singh were slated to collaborate on an ambitious project titled Rakshas. However, the film fell through due to differences in creative vision. Amid speculations, a cryptic post by Varma on his X account fueled rumors of a veiled dig at Singh. The post stated, “One day you realise every rejection was a blessing in disguise.” In a recent interview, Varma clarified that his post was not targeted at anyone and shared insights into the creative differences that led to the shelving of Rakshas.

Varma explained that his post was a reflection on his overall journey and not directed at Singh or anyone else. “It was a very generic feeling I had in the morning and I thought about posting it. I was thinking about the overall journey. Had people not rejected me in my initial years, I wouldn’t have ended up making Hanu-Man. I was feeling grateful because had I done any of the films that I had previously pitched to other actors, Hanu-Man would have never happened,” he said.

Prasanth Varma’s Perspective and Future Plans

Varma emphasized that there is no negativity between him and Singh, and they remain in touch. He respects Singh as an actor and believes that Singh respects his work as a director. “We still talk to each other. It (the film) just couldn’t happen but our relationship stayed,” Varma shared. He added that the shelving of Rakshas was purely due to differing creative visions and that there is no bad blood between them.

Regarding the future of Rakshas, Varma noted that he has not thought of anyone to replace Singh in the film. The project is currently on hold as he takes time to reconsider his options. “Not right now. It will take me time to think of someone else for that film. I haven’t thought of anyone. The film is currently on hold,” Varma said.

Prasanth Varma on Social Media and Inspiration

Varma also addressed the challenges of posting on social media, noting that his posts are often misinterpreted. He aims to inspire people with his posts and does not intend to spread negativity. “I try to put up posts to inspire people. That sentence is almost like a quote from which anyone can take inspiration. But on social media only 10 percent, I think, got inspired and the remaining 90 percent are trying to (baselessly) connect the dots. It had been quite a while I hadn’t posted anything because whatever you post gets interpreted in a number of ways and you cannot control it,” he explained.

The collaboration between Prasanth Varma and Ranveer Singh on Rakshas may have been put on hold, but both artists continue to respect each other’s work. The future of Rakshas remains uncertain, but Varma’s gratitude for his journey and commitment to inspiring others remain unwavering.


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