Priyank Sharma’s Reaction to Hina Khan’s Diagnosis

Actor Priyank Sharma, known for his close friendship with Hina Khan from their time together on Bigg Boss season 11, has spoken out about Khan’s recent breast cancer diagnosis. Hina Khan recently revealed she is battling stage 3 breast cancer. Sharma, who has been a steadfast friend since their Bigg Boss days, shared his deep concern and sadness over the news. “This is extremely sad what has happened. I was speechless when I got to know. I didn’t know how to react to this,” Sharma expressed. Despite being away for work, Sharma remained in touch with Khan and learned about her health condition through social media. “I was shooting in another city and hadn’t met Hina for months, but I was still in touch with her. It doesn’t matter how I found out; all that matters is my friend gets well soon,” he added.

Sharma Praises Khan’s Resilience and Strength

Sharma has always admired Khan’s resilience, calling her a “fighter.” He believes she will overcome this challenge just as she has overcome many others in the past. “My fingers are crossed. She will come back soon. I have seen Hina fighting the strongest battles in life right in front of me, and I am sure this one will also be one of the things where she comes out victorious,” he said. Reflecting on their seven-year-long friendship since Bigg Boss, Sharma remarked on Khan’s strength and determination, saying, “She is the strongest person I know. She can conquer every battle. Her fans rightly call her a ‘sherni’ because she truly is one.”

Support from Family and Friends

Khan has been dating Rocky Jaiswal since 2014, and Sharma mentioned that Jaiswal, along with Khan’s mother, has been a pillar of strength for her. “They are with her, and I am always there for her as her friend,” Sharma affirmed. On June 28, Hina Khan, renowned for her role as Akshara in “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai,” disclosed her stage 3 breast cancer diagnosis. In a heartfelt statement, she assured her fans of her determination to fight the disease. “I am strong, determined, and fully committed to overcoming this disease,” Khan wrote, while requesting privacy. The revelation has elicited a wave of support from fans and close associates, highlighting the love and admiration people have for Khan.

Hina Khan’s battle with cancer has deeply affected her friends and fans, but with their unwavering support and her indomitable spirit, she is poised to fight and overcome this challenge.


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