Mr and Mrs Mahi Box Office Collection Day 1: A Promising Start

The romantic drama Mr and Mrs Mahi, directed by Sharan Sharma and produced by Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions, has registered a good opening on its first day. Starring RajKummar Rao and Janhvi Kapoor, the film has shown promising box office numbers, indicating a positive reception from the audience.

Strong Opening Day Performance

According to, Mr and Mrs Mahi earned ₹7 crore nett in India on its first day of release, Friday. The film also recorded a 56.15 percent Hindi occupancy, showcasing a strong start in theatres. This performance highlights the film’s initial appeal and the draw of its lead actors.

Critic Reviews and Audience Reaction

While the film had a strong opening, critical reviews have been mixed. An excerpt from the Hindustan Times review noted that Janhvi Kapoor’s performance felt one-dimensional, though her scenes with RajKummar Rao brought some life to her character. The review mentioned, “Together as a pair, the two had a refreshing chemistry, and I wish the director played on that bit a little more.” Despite these critiques, the film’s earnest performances have been appreciated.

Chemistry Between Lead Actors

Mr and Mrs Mahi marks the second collaboration between Janhvi Kapoor and RajKummar Rao, as well as Janhvi and director Sharan Sharma. The duo was previously seen together in the film Roohi. Their chemistry has been highlighted as one of the film’s strengths, with their on-screen interactions providing some of the more engaging moments.

Plot and Production Insights

The film’s trailer reveals a backstory where RajKummar’s character’s dream of being selected for the national cricket team is shattered. He discovers that Janhvi’s character can play cricket and decides to coach her. This premise sets the stage for a story of ambition, mentorship, and personal growth.

Mixed Reception from Critics

The Hindustan Times review also pointed out that the film lacks a superlative script and wow moments. It described the film as an “ambitious sports film that tries to make a point, but sadly misses the shot.” Despite these criticisms, the performances of the lead actors and the chemistry between them make it a one-time watch.

Mr and Mrs Mahi has made a solid impact at the box office on its first day, thanks to strong performances by RajKummar Rao and Janhvi Kapoor and the backing of Dharma Productions. While critics have had mixed reviews, citing issues with the script and overall engagement, the film’s opening suggests that it has resonated with a significant portion of the audience. With its promising start, it will be interesting to see how the film performs in the coming days.


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