Kamal Haasan Reveals this about Shah Rukh Khan

At the trailer launch event for his upcoming film Indian 2, Kamal Haasan shared an inspiring story about his friend Shah Rukh Khan’s magnanimity during the making of Hey Ram (2000). Haasan praised Khan for his selflessness, revealing that the superstar didn’t charge any money for his role in the film, highlighting the depth of their friendship and mutual respect for cinema.

Shah Rukh Khan’s Unparalleled Support for Hey Ram

Kamal Haasan recounted his collaboration with Shah Rukh Khan during the making of Hey Ram. “Let me talk on behalf of Mr. SRK because I am sure that he’ll allow me to do that. When we worked together, we were all just people. I don’t see a superstar; he doesn’t see a super director. We are friends. As a matter of fact, Shah Rukh Saab made that film (Hey Ram) for free. What more do you need?” Haasan said, emphasizing Khan’s genuine passion for cinema and their strong personal bond.

Haasan continued to praise Khan, saying, “That’s not something a superstar would do. That takes a true fan of cinema, a connoisseur of art, and a good actor. I’m incredibly grateful to him.” This anecdote sheds light on Khan’s commitment to the art of filmmaking and his supportive nature towards fellow artists.

Hey Ram, released in 2000, tackled several controversial historical events such as the destruction of the Babri Mosque, the Partition of India, and Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination. Shah Rukh Khan played Amjad Ali Khan, a pivotal character whose death significantly impacts the protagonist, Saket Ram, played by Kamal Haasan. The film was simultaneously made in Hindi and Tamil, showcasing the actors’ versatility and dedication to bringing complex narratives to the screen.

Excitement Builds for Indian 2 Trailer Launch

During the event, the much-anticipated trailer for Indian 2 was unveiled, generating excitement among fans. Produced by Lyca Productions and Red Giant Movies, Indian 2 is set to release on July 12, 2024, in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu. The film is a sequel to the 1996 blockbuster Indian, which also starred Kamal Haasan as Veerasekaran Senapathy. The sequel reunites Haasan with director S. Shankar, promising a continuation of the intense action and engaging storytelling that captivated audiences in the original film.

Lyca Productions shared the trailer on social media, stating, “SENAPATHY is back in style! The much-awaited #Indian2 🇮🇳 Trailer is OUT NOW, packed with breathtaking action and visuals that will keep you hooked.” The trailer showcases stunning visuals and high-octane action sequences, setting high expectations for the film’s release.

Kamal Haasan’s revelations about Shah Rukh Khan’s generosity during Hey Ram underscore the profound respect and camaraderie between the two actors. As fans eagerly await the release of Indian 2, the shared history and mutual admiration between these cinematic legends continue to inspire and captivate audiences.


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