Jayati Bhatia gets Praise from Rekha for Heeramandi

Jayati Bhatia’s Joy in Bhansali’s Universe

Actor Jayati Bhatia is overjoyed to be part of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s world, describing her experience on the set of Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar as “pure happiness.” Playing the role of Phatto in the series, Bhatia reflects on the immense learning and the emotional rollercoaster reminiscent of her theatre days.

Praise from Rekha

Bhatia’s portrayal of Phatto has garnered widespread acclaim, but a particular compliment from veteran actor Rekha stands out. During the premiere, Rekha expressed her admiration for Bhatia’s performance, even declaring herself a fan. “She gave me a hug and pecked my cheek,” Bhatia recounts, cherishing the moment and the acknowledgment of her work.

While Bhatia basks in positive feedback, her co-star Sharmin Segal faces criticism for her portrayal of Alamzeb. Bhatia defends Segal, highlighting that Bhansali found exactly what he sought in her character. She emphasizes that Segal, a young and genuine actor, is being unfairly targeted. “She is a person with a pure heart and has nothing against anyone,” Bhatia asserts.

Balancing Diverse Mediums

With over two decades in the entertainment industry, Bhatia has seamlessly balanced working across TV, films, and OTT platforms. She continues to work on television while taking on roles in web shows like Heeramandi, Girls Hostel, and Dahaad. Bhatia values all mediums equally, emphasizing that dedication can make things work. “I want to live a comfortable life, pay my bills, have sufficient funds for my medical check-ups, so I am happy to do good work on all mediums,” she states.

Overcoming Typecasting Challenges

Bhatia addresses the typecasting TV actors often face, attributing it to preconceived notions and a lack of mindfulness in the industry. She believes that directors and casting agents often judge an actor’s capability based on past roles, limiting opportunities. “Some directors don’t present you the role because they’ve seen you playing similar roles, so they judge your capability,” she explains.


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