Jasmine Bhasin and Aly Goni: No Rush to Tie the Knot

Television actors Jasmine Bhasin and Aly Goni, beloved by fans both as individual performers and as a couple, have been in a relationship for over four years. Despite the constant buzz about their potential wedding, the couple remains unfazed by the pressure to tie the knot.

Embracing Love and Career Ambitions

Jasmine Bhasin and Aly Goni first met in 2018, but it wasn’t until their time on Bigg Boss 14 in 2020 that they openly expressed their feelings for each other and began dating. Their relationship has since flourished, drawing admiration from fans. However, when asked about marriage plans, Jasmine made it clear that there are no immediate plans for wedding bells.

“Honestly, on that front, both of us don’t have any plans. We have not sat and had this conversation ki kal kar lete hai ya parso kar lete hai (we will do it tomorrow or the day after). Every time we discuss, we say that we will do it when we feel like but both of us also are very ambitious and strong individuals,” Bhasin shared.

Jasmine, originally from Kota, Rajasthan, emphasized that their primary focus remains on their career goals and dreams. “Both of us come from our own small towns and struggles, and we came here with our dreams. So, our main focus is those dreams. Once we reach that stage where we are content and happy inside to share that happiness with each other, we will be on the same page. Right now, we don’t have any timelines,” she added.

Jasmine Bhasin’s Thriving Career in Punjabi Cinema

While their relationship continues to grow, Jasmine Bhasin’s career is also on an upward trajectory. The actor, who has gained recognition in the Punjabi film industry, has two upcoming projects set for release this year.

“I have been very lucky to get a great response from Punjabi films. So, I have two more films releasing this year. One is supposed to release in July, and one is supposed to release in September. I am waiting for their release and looking forward to more films and projects,” she revealed.

Jasmine expressed her gratitude for the opportunities and successes she has encountered, stating, “Right now, I feel God has decided a certain path for me, and I am following that.”

Fans eagerly await Jasmine’s upcoming films and continue to support the couple’s journey, both personally and professionally. While the question of marriage remains, Jasmine and Aly prioritize their individual aspirations, ensuring that when they do decide to take that step, it will be at the perfect moment for both.


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