Here is why Jenna Ortega Cried in an interview

During a tearful conversation with Elle Fanning as part of Variety’s Actors on Actors series, Jenna Ortega broke down when discussing her struggles to be herself on social media.

The Wednesday star, 20, disclosed that her relationship with Instagram can get “ugly” as the women conversed about navigating childhood celebrity, early adulthood, and previous bad working situations.

After the Teen Spirit actress, 25, admitted that at times, her time online can feel “toxic,” Ortega sobbed as she talked about how her “sarcastic” and “dry” sense of humour makes it “very easy” for her to get herself “in trouble.” Ortega got her big break after landing the role of Harley Diaz on the Disney Channel series Stuck in the Middle.

The performer said, “I want people to be able to know the people behind the camera and realise that people should never be put on a pedestal.” And as I’ve learned more about the world, people take advantage of that and prey on it. They take advantage of your vulnerability in a way you don’t always anticipate.

As Ortega thought about how “strange” it is to attempt to be “honest without endangering your own health and safety,” she started to choke up.

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