Gurucharan Singh on Disappearance: Truth Revealed

Gurucharan Singh, known for his role as Roshan Singh Sodhi in Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, recently opened up about his mysterious disappearance earlier this year. On April 22, Singh went missing from Delhi, sparking widespread concern and speculation. After 25 days, he returned home and, more recently, made his way back to Mumbai. In an exclusive interview with The Times of India, Singh clarified that his absence was not a publicity stunt but a spiritual journey.

Singh revealed, “I have always been spiritual because of my parents, and at this point in life when I was feeling low, I turned towards God. I went on a spiritual journey and had no plans of coming back. But God gave me a sign, and that made me return home.” He emphasized that the journey was a personal quest for peace and clarity, not a tactic for attention. “Many people think I planned my disappearance for publicity, but that’s not true. If I wanted publicity, I could have given interviews to talk about the pending dues for my work in Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah. I could have used social media to do that, but I didn’t,” Singh added.

Gurucharan Singh’s Return and Future Plans

After his return, Singh was questioned by Delhi Police and his statement was recorded before a local court. Addressing the rumors and speculations, he stated, “Even after coming back home, I didn’t give any interviews, but now I am speaking up because I want to clarify certain things that people are saying about me.”

Singh expressed his desire to get back to work and clear his financial obligations. “I am back and want to do a lot of work. I also want to pay off all the loans and debts that I have, one by one. That can happen through my work, and I am ready to work hard. I have realized that I can continue my spiritual journey even when fulfilling my other responsibilities in life.”

Singh’s sudden disappearance had caused quite a stir. He had left his Delhi home to board a flight to Mumbai on April 22 but never reached his destination. This led to a police inquiry and concern among his fans and colleagues. Now, with his return to Mumbai, Singh is hopeful for a fresh start and looks forward to resuming his acting career.


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