Gulshan Devaiah recounted occasions when Ranveer Singh broke down on the sets of Ram Leela

Gulshan Devaiah recounted occasions when Ranveer Singh broke down on the sets of Ram Leela

In a recent interview, Gulshan Devaiah, renowned for his portrayal of Bhavani in the film Ram-Leela, reflected on his experiences working alongside Ranveer Singh, who played the lead role of Ram. Devaiah shared intriguing insights into Singh’s approach to his craft, particularly highlighting moments of emotional vulnerability.

During the filming of Ram-Leela, Gulshan Devaiah recounted occasions when Singh, post an intense emotional scene, would retreat to a quiet corner and shed tears. This behavior, according to Gulshan Devaiah, sparked varied interpretations, suggesting it could be perceived as seeking attention or possibly stemming from genuine emotional immersion into the character.

Reflecting on these moments, Gulshan Devaiah mused, “On the sets of Ram-Leela, sometimes after doing an emotional scene, he would sit in a corner and cry. Now you can look at it as attention-seeking, maybe it was. But maybe there is some truth to it also. Maybe he is unable to shake it off. I have seen him cry a couple of times.”
Gulshan Devaiah’s observations offer a glimpse into the depth of Singh’s commitment to his roles, portraying an actor deeply invested in the emotional core of his characters. Such instances of emotional release suggest a profound dedication to authenticity in performance, where the lines between the character and the actor blur momentarily.

The dynamics on the set of Ram-Leela were charged with creative intensity, with Ranveer Singh’s emotive process adding a layer of realism to his portrayal of Ram. Devaiah’s account underscores the complexities of Singh’s approach to acting, revealing a performer willing to delve into the emotional abyss demanded by his roles. In addition to the emotional challenges, Devaiah’s remarks also prompt reflection on the nature of performance itself—how actors navigate between personal vulnerability and the demands of their characters. Ranveer Singh’s moments of tears serve as poignant reminders of the emotional toll that often accompanies the pursuit of artistic excellence.


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