Fans react to Kalki 2898 AD: Shocking Review

The highly anticipated film, Kalki 2898 AD, starring Prabhas, Deepika Padukone, Amitabh Bachchan, and Kamal Haasan, has hit the screens and early reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Directed by Nag Ashwin, the movie presents a modern avatar of Lord Vishnu who descends to Earth to combat the forces of evil. The first show, held in a US theatre, received a thunderous response, with fans particularly excited about Prabhas’ entry scene.

Enthusiastic Audience Reactions

After the premiere, viewers took to social media to share their thoughts. One user wrote on X, “Perfect first half. The visuals and setup are captivating, offering something never before seen in Indian cinema, along with an interesting storyline. The screenplay is mostly well-done so far. #Prabhas‌ has a fun character but limited screen time.” Another fan shared, “Prabhas and Nag Ashwin have made history! You’ll feel it in the first 30 minutes of the film.” A third viewer noted, “Pre-interval 30 mins of the film is enough to say #KALKI2898AD is not only a hit… It’s sure shot BLOCKBUSTER.”

An international film journalist echoed the positive sentiment, describing the film on X as “outstanding! A visually magnificent sci-fi experience.” He compared it to classics like ‘Blade Runner’ and ‘Mad Max,’ adding that the Prabhas versus Amitabh Bachchan fight scene was epic. He also praised Deepika Padukone and Disha Patani, calling them “gorgeous” and saying they “made my head spin.”

Box Office Predictions and Advance Bookings

Kalki 2898 AD has already sold over 19 lakh tickets across all languages in India, indicating strong box office potential. Film trade experts predict a net opening of over Rs 100 crore domestically, with expectations that it may cross the Rs 200 crore mark globally. According to a report on, the film has sold over 15 lakh tickets in the Telugu language alone, earning over Rs 50 crore through advance bookings.

With such a strong start, Kalki 2898 AD is poised to shatter multiple box office records. The combination of a star-studded cast, a unique storyline, and stunning visuals has captivated audiences and critics alike, setting the stage for a successful run.


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