Fans disappointed with Alia Bhatt’s new DeepFake AI video

Fans disappointed with Alia Bhatt’s new DeepFake AI video

Fans of Bollywood star Alia Bhatt have expressed disappointment and concern following the circulation of a DeepFake AI video featuring the actress. The video, created using DeepFake technology, has sparked fears

among fans who believe such tools could potentially be misused.
DeepFake technology allows for manipulating videos to make it appear as though individuals are saying or doing things they never actually did. In the case of Alia Bhatt, fans lamented that the video misrepresented her likeness and voice, leading to widespread unease about the implications of such technology.
“AI’s getting dangerous,” shared one fan, highlighting concerns about privacy and the potential for misinformation. Others echoed similar sentiments, pointing out that while DeepFake technology can be entertaining, its misuse could have serious consequences.

The incident has reignited debates about the ethical use of AI and the need for stricter regulations to prevent the spread of manipulated content. Fans stressed the importance of distinguishing between genuine and fabricated media to safeguard public trust and the reputations of public figures like Alia Bhatt.

DeepFake technology has raised alarms globally due to its ability to create convincing but fabricated content, raising questions about its impact on privacy, journalism, and public discourse. Critics argue that without proper safeguards, DeepFake videos could be exploited for malicious purposes, including spreading misinformation or damaging someone’s reputation. As fans continue to voice their concerns, the incident serves as a reminder of the evolving challenges posed by AI-driven innovations and the responsibilities that come with their use. With ongoing developments in AI technology, stakeholders stress the need for proactive measures to mitigate potential harms and uphold integrity in digital media.


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