Fahad Mustafa Returns to TV: Collaboration with Hania Aamir

Renowned Pakistani actor, host, and producer Fahad Mustafa is making a comeback to television dramas after a decade-long hiatus. While he continued to host the popular show Jeeto Pakistan, Fahad’s last produced television drama on Pakistan Television was Maye Ri, which garnered attention for its unique storyline and received high viewership. Now, Fahad is set to star alongside Hania Aamir in a new love story titled Kabhi Main Kabhi Tum on ARY Digital. Although the show’s release date has not been announced yet, the promotional material has already generated excitement among fans.

Fahad Mustafa’s Bollywood Ambitions and Career Shifts

In 2015, Fahad Mustafa, a celebrated figure in both Pakistani films and television, expressed his intentions to focus more on movies and even planned to venture into Bollywood. Making his debut with Na Maloom Afraad, Fahad had shared plans with Dawn in 2015 about his Bollywood debut, stating, “I am currently working on Mah-e-Meer and will be going to India for another film. It’ll start shooting in the last quarter of this year, probably around September or October.” However, his plans to enter Bollywood were thwarted due to the ban imposed on Pakistani actors during that period.

Insights into Fahad Mustafa’s Industry Perspectives

Throughout his career, Fahad Mustafa has been vocal about industry dynamics and changes. During his break from acting in dramas, he voiced concerns over the behavior of young actors, highlighting challenges he observed. According to a report by Bol News, Fahad emphasized, “In Pakistani industry, young people are difficult to work with; we never saw vanity vans, we used to sit together in one room but now you can’t sit easily with new people and talk to them.”

Career Shift to Hosting and Reflections on Acting

In a 2022 appearance on the talk show G Sarkar, Fahad Mustafa shared insights into his career transitions. He explained his shift from regular dramas to hosting, saying, “I felt like I had done too many dramas and I was tired… I started doing the morning show. People berated me for that. But, that’s what made me. It taught me discipline and the value of money.” Reflecting on the changing landscape of acting, Fahad lamented the shift in priorities among actors and the industry’s focus on commercial aspects rather than artistic merit.

Fahad Mustafa’s Noteworthy Works and Contributions

Throughout his career, Fahad Mustafa has starred in notable television dramas such as Kankar, Dusri Biwi, and Main Abdul Qadir Hoon. His contributions to Pakistani cinema include films like Actor In Law, Load Wedding, and Quaidi E Azam Zindabad, showcasing his versatility and enduring popularity across different mediums.

In conclusion, Fahad Mustafa’s return to television with Kabhi Main Kabhi Tum marks a significant comeback for the actor, reaffirming his status as a multifaceted talent in Pakistani entertainment. As fans eagerly await the release of his new drama, Fahad’s journey continues to resonate with his dedication to craft and insightful perspectives on the industry.


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