Dulquer Salmaan Starrer “Lucky Baskhar” Gets New Release Date

Dulquer Salmaan’s upcoming film “Lucky Baskhar,” directed by Venky Atluri, has rescheduled its release to September 7, aligning with the festive occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi. Dulquer himself took to social media to share the news along with a new still from the film, emphasizing a worldwide grand release in Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, and Hindi languages. Originally slated for September 27, the film’s early release was prompted by logistical considerations and to avoid clashing with other major releases.

Plot and Teaser Insight

“Lucky Baskhar” revolves around the life of Baskhar, a bank cashier portrayed by Dulquer Salmaan, set against the backdrop of the late 1980s to early 1990s. The teaser released earlier this year introduces Baskhar as a bored banker at Magadha Bank, disillusioned with the mundane routines of his middle-class life. His journey takes a dramatic turn when he encounters a substantial amount of money, leading to speculation about its origin and transforming his life in unexpected ways. Meenakshi Chaudhary plays a pivotal role as the woman central to Baskhar’s transformation.

“Lucky Baskhar”: Dulquer Salmaan’s Retro Banking Drama

Dulquer Salmaan stars in Venky Atluri’s upcoming multilingual film “Lucky Baskhar,” set to hit screens on September 7. The film, which explores the journey of a middle-class bank cashier who encounters a windfall, promises to captivate audiences with its nostalgic 1980s Bombay setting recreated in Hyderabad. With a stellar cast and music by GV Prakash Kumar, “Lucky Baskhar” is poised to be a cinematic treat across Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Hindi audiences.

In addition to its captivating storyline and Dulquer Salmaan’s charismatic portrayal, “Lucky Baskhar” boasts meticulous production design that recreates Bombay from the 1980s, done entirely in Hyderabad. The film’s visual authenticity, coupled with Nimish Ravi’s cinematography and Venky Atluri’s directorial vision, promises an immersive cinematic experience. Produced by Sitara Entertainments and Fortune Four Cinemas, with Srikara Studios presenting, “Lucky Baskhar” is set to enchant audiences with its blend of nostalgia, drama, and intrigue across multiple languages.


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