Divya Dutta feared typecasting after Veer-Zaara.

Bollywood actor Divya Dutta, known for her versatile performances, recently shared her initial fears of being typecast as the perennial “heroine’s best friend” after playing the role of Shabina Ibrahim in the iconic film Veer-Zaara. In a candid conversation with Siddharth Kannan, Dutta opened up about her concerns during the premiere of the Yash Chopra film, where she played the best friend of Preity Zinta’s character, Zaara.

Dutta recalled sitting at the movie’s premiere, holding her mother’s hand, feeling both excited and apprehensive. “It’s a Yash Chopra film, so the whole world would be watching it. I enjoyed it a lot. But, at the same time, I was worried I would be stereotyped as the best friend of all heroines in the industry. There is a herd mentality in our industry. Everyone runs after the one who looks good and leaves the rest behind,” she revealed.

Divya Dutta’s Memorable Experience at Veer-Zaara Premiere

Despite her fears, Dutta cherished the experience of working on Veer-Zaara. During the movie’s interval, she felt overwhelmed and ran away holding her mother’s hand. Her mother, proud of her performance, reassured her. Dutta shared, “Mumma said she was very proud of me for the performance. I said, ‘Thank you, Mumma, even I am loving being a part of this film.’ When we stepped out, I hid a little behind her. I didn’t want to hear any friend calling me because my dream was to become a ‘Yash Chopra heroine’. While I was hiding there, Yash uncle saw me and called me over. As I went up to him, I was crowded and surrounded by people.”

In Veer-Zaara, Divya Dutta’s portrayal of Shabbo, Zaara’s loyal friend, left a lasting impression on the audience. The 2004 film, which also featured Rani Mukerji and Amitabh Bachchan in prominent roles, remains a beloved classic in Bollywood. Dutta’s fears of typecasting were short-lived as she continued to showcase her talent in a variety of roles, proving her versatility in the industry.

In addition to Veer-Zaara, Divya Dutta and Shah Rukh Khan have worked together in other notable films such as Baadshah, Shakti: The Power, and Silsiilay. Dutta’s journey in Bollywood is a testament to her resilience and dedication to her craft, overcoming initial fears to become a respected and admired actor in the industry.


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