Chris Brown to PartyNextDoor: “Apologize or else”

The year 2024 has been rife with high-profile beef in the hip-hop world, with Kendrick Lamar and Drake headlining one of the most intense rivalries. Now, another feud has erupted involving PartyNextDoor, Jeremih, Chris Brown, and Bryson Tiller. This latest altercation has been playing out across social media, capturing the attention of fans and escalating tensions among these prominent artists.

PartyNextDoor’s displeasure became apparent following the release of the trio’s collaboration “Wait On It,” which featured his ex-girlfriend Desma in the music video. This rekindled the bad blood between PartyNextDoor and Jeremih, dating back to their previous disagreements in 2016. Although it was reported that the two had settled their issues, recent events suggest otherwise. The situation intensified when Jeremih, Tiller, and Brown released their song shortly after PartyNextDoor’s concert, leading to an online outburst from Party.

Social Media Outbursts and Responses

PartyNextDoor took to social media to voice his frustrations, explicitly calling out Bryson Tiller, Chris Brown, and Jeremih. In a now-deleted tweet, Party wrote, “I’m finna make these nas cry… Bryson Chris; and Jeremih… enjoy, the nights, of your life. Doing videos, at 34, that bh broke. I know 5 rnb singers who broke.” Despite his attempts to erase these posts, the digital footprint remains, and Chris Brown was quick to respond.

Brown, who has been relatively quiet on social media, broke his silence with a fiery response. He posted on X (formerly Twitter), “Nias speak without thinking sometimes… then call around to my people trying to retract sh*t. NAW Nia, go on your social and apologize or keep that same energy when you see me.” Fans reacted strongly to Brown’s tweet, noting that it was his first post on the platform in five years, and it was a direct dig at PartyNextDoor.

A History of Hip-Hop Drama

The origins of this feud can be traced back to PartyNextDoor’s connection with Drake’s OVO Sound record label. This link has fans speculating whether a series of diss tracks might follow, reminiscent of other high-profile hip-hop clashes. By deleting his tweets, PartyNextDoor seems to be attempting to take the high road, potentially drawing inspiration from J. Cole’s approach to conflict resolution.

However, the exact reasons behind this renewed animosity remain unclear, aside from the evident personal issues involving Desma. As tensions continue to simmer, fans are left wondering if more public clashes or musical responses will emerge from this latest chapter in 2024’s year of hip-hop beef.

The ongoing feud between PartyNextDoor, Jeremih, Chris Brown, and Bryson Tiller underscores the volatility and drama that often accompanies the hip-hop industry. With social media amplifying these disputes, the world watches closely as these artists navigate their conflicts both online and in their music.


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