BTS’s Jimin Second Solo Album Muse Spoilers

BTS’s Jimin has thrilled fans with the announcement of his upcoming second solo album, “MUSE,” accompanied by an intriguing teaser video. On June 18 at midnight KST, BIGHIT MUSIC officially unveiled that Jimin’s album “MUSE” is scheduled for release on July 19 at 1 p.m. KST.

BIGHIT MUSIC Statement on Jimin’s “MUSE”

BIGHIT MUSIC expressed excitement in revealing details about BTS’s Jimin’s upcoming solo venture, “MUSE.” Following his debut solo album “FACE,” which delved into exploring his authentic self, “MUSE” takes fans on Jimin’s journey to discover the essence of his inspiration.

The album promises to showcase Jimin’s expanded musical horizons through seven tracks, including the beloved fan song “Closer Than This,” released in December 2023. BIGHIT MUSIC called for continuous support and love from fans as they embark on this musical journey with Jimin.

Pre-Order and Release Details

The pre-order period for “MUSE” commences on Tuesday, June 18, 2024, at 11 a.m. KST. Fans can anticipate the official release of Jimin’s “MUSE” on Friday, July 19, 2024, at 1 p.m. KST.

Fans React to Jimin’s Comeback with “MUSE”

Jimin’s announcement of his return with “MUSE,” where he aims to document his quest for creative inspiration, has ignited excitement among fans worldwide. Discussions among fans highlight the dual perspective of Jimin searching for his muse while also potentially embodying the role of a muse himself. This interpretation aligns with BTS’s overarching theme of “The Most Beautiful Moment In Life,” symbolized by the Smeraldo flower subtly integrated into the new album’s logo.

Insights from BTS Members

Previously, Suga had hinted at the concept of “MUSE” during an episode of Suchwita with Jimin. Suggesting that the album’s thematic exploration was anticipated within BTS circles. The juxtaposition of “FACE” and “MUSE” forms a powerful narrative arc in Jimin’s solo discography, with both titles consisting of four letters, emphasizing their impact and significance.

Visual and Conceptual Evolution

Fans have noted the vibrant color palette of “MUSE,” distinct from the concept of “FACE.” Colors such as turquoise, orange, yellow, green, and blue evoke a summery vibe. Suggesting a visually stimulating and thematically rich album. This departure in visual aesthetic hints at a new chapter in Jimin’s artistic evolution.

Symbolism of “7” in BTS’s Legacy

In typical BTS fashion, the number “7” makes an appearance in “MUSE,” correlating with the album’s seven tracks. This symbolic gesture resonates deeply with fans. Each track represents a day of the week, suggesting a cohesive and meticulously crafted musical narrative.


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