Brad Pitt’s Limited Contact with Children Amid Custody Agreement

Brad Pitt, renowned actor and father of six, has limited contact with his adult children but maintains visitation rights with his younger ones. Since his divorce from Angelina Jolie in 2019, the children have predominantly stayed with their mother. Despite the custody agreement allowing Pitt visitation, his interaction with the younger kids has been limited recently due to his busy filming schedule.

Shiloh Drops ‘Pitt’ Surname, Brad Pitt Upset

Recently, headlines were made when Shiloh, one of Pitt’s daughters, legally dropped ‘Pitt’ from her surname, opting to go by Shiloh Jolie. This decision has reportedly upset Pitt, as it serves as a reminder of his estranged relationship with his children. A source close to Pitt revealed, “He’s aware and upset that Shiloh dropped his last name. The reminders that he’s lost his children are, of course, not easy for Brad. He loves his children and misses them. It’s very sad.” Shiloh is not the only one; her younger sibling, Vivienne, has also chosen to go by Vivienne Jolie in public documents, although it is unclear if this change has been made legally.

Custody Agreement and Brad Pitt’s Current Life

According to an exclusive by People magazine, the custody arrangement allows Pitt to have meet-ups with his minor children. However, the source noted, “He has virtually no contact with the adult kids. His engagement with the younger kids is more limited in recent months because of his filming schedule.” The 60-year-old actor is currently on location for his upcoming film F1. Despite the challenges, Pitt continues to navigate his relationship with his children while managing his professional commitments.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt share six children: Maddox, Zahara, Shiloh, Pax, and twins Knox and Vivienne. They married in 2014 and divorced in 2019. Currently, Pitt is dating Ines de Ramon, while Jolie is reportedly not seeing anyone.

The strained relationship between Brad Pitt and his children, especially in light of recent events, highlights the complexities of balancing personal and professional life, particularly in the public eye. The ongoing custody arrangement and limited interaction with his children continue to be significant aspects of Pitt’s life, affecting both his personal and emotional well-being.

The dynamics between Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and their children remain a subject of public interest, with each development shedding light on the challenges of maintaining familial bonds post-divorce. The decisions by Shiloh and Vivienne to drop ‘Pitt’ from their names further underscore the evolving nature of these relationships.


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