Anusha Rai defends Darshan amid accusations, not conviction.

The Kannada film industry has been rocked by controversy following the arrest of Darshan Thogudeepa in connection with the murder case of Renukaswamy. Known for his illustrious career spanning decades, Darshan has garnered immense popularity and respect from his fans. However, recent developments have cast a shadow over his reputation, leaving many shocked and divided.

Amidst the allegations, Kannada actor Anusha Rai spoke exclusively to Hindustan Times, expressing disbelief over Darshan’s alleged involvement. Anusha highlighted Darshan’s philanthropic gestures towards his fans, emphasizing how he valued their support and reciprocated with kindness. She underscored Darshan’s instructions to his fans, urging them to prioritize safety over reckless admiration on the roads—a testament to his caring nature that seems incongruous with the serious accusations he faces.

Support and Criticism: Anusha Rai Defends Darshan Thogudeepa’s Family Amidst Online Backlash

Anusha Rai also addressed the disturbing trend of online vitriol directed at Darshan’s family members, particularly his wife Vijayalakshmi and teenage son. She condemned the harsh comments circulating on social media, urging the public to refrain from targeting innocent family members who are already grappling with the repercussions of the ongoing investigation. Anusha highlighted Vijayalakshmi’s steadfast support for Darshan over the years, appealing for compassion and respect during this challenging period for the family.

The unfolding events surrounding Darshan Thogudeepa continue to spark debate and speculation within the Kannada film fraternity and beyond. As legal proceedings progress, the public remains divided between supporting a beloved actor known for his charitable acts and grappling with the gravity of the allegations leveled against him. Anusha Rai’s comments provide a glimpse into the complex emotions and responses elicited by this unfolding saga, urging for restraint and due process in evaluating Darshan’s future within the industry and society at large.


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