Akshay Kumar’s Heartfelt Gesture for Singer Glory Bawa

Akshay Kumar has once again proved his generous spirit by providing financial assistance to singer Glory Bawa, daughter of the late Padma Bhushan awardee and renowned Punjabi folk singer, Gurmeet Bawa. Recently, Glory Bawa had reached out on social media, sharing her financial struggles and seeking help from the government. Moved by her plight, Akshay Kumar sent her ₹25 lakh to help her overcome the crisis.

Expressing her gratitude, Glory said, “I don’t have words to explain what it means to me.” She appreciated the gesture from Akshay, whom she referred to as her ‘brother’. Kumar, known for his philanthropic activities, emphasized that this was not merely a gesture of help, but an act of familial love. “Kumar refused to call it help, but something a brother would do for his sister,” Glory added. She further mentioned that while the financial aid would significantly help her and her family, she still seeks substantial work opportunities to sustain them long-term.

Akshay Kumar’s Commitment to Punjabi Artists

Akshay Kumar explained his motivation for helping Glory Bawa, highlighting the legacy of her mother, Gurmeet Bawa, who was a celebrated figure in Punjabi music. “I got to know of this from social media. Bahot dukh hua ki Gurmeet Bawa ji, jo Punjab ki shaan thi, unke pariwar ko aaj itni financial problems hain. Maine unki beti Glory Bawa ko apni behen samajh ke ek pyaar ka gesture bheja hai. Yeh koi help nahi hai, ek Punjabi aur ek artist hone ke naate mera farz hai,” Kumar said, underscoring his sense of duty as both a Punjabi and an artist.

The plight of Glory Bawa had also caught the attention of local authorities. Punjab cabinet minister Kuldeep Dhaliwal and Amritsar DC Ghanshyam Thori visited her home, providing her with ₹1 lakh cheques as financial assistance. Glory, the sole earning member of her family, detailed in her social media video the challenges she faces, including supporting her sister Simran, her daughter, and the children of her deceased sister, Lachi Bawa, another noted singer who passed away from cancer.

Gurmeet Bawa, Glory’s mother, was celebrated for her exceptional singing abilities, particularly her long ‘hek’ (singing in a single breath) that she could hold for a record 45 seconds. She was among the pioneering female Punjabi singers on Doordarshan and known for her rendition of Jugni following Alam Lohar.

Akshay Kumar’s intervention not only provides immediate relief to Glory Bawa but also shines a spotlight on the need for sustained support for artists who have significantly contributed to cultural heritage.


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