Tune into Sustainable Living with Adivi Sesh

Tune into Sustainable Living with Adivi Sesh

The term Sustainable living has been utilized extensively in the last few years. Here’s a Major hero, who is often looking for ways to live a sustainable life, Adivi Sesh shared he adheres to a few brands for sustainable living.

Adivi Sesh in an interaction with Shilpa Reddy shares he is a vegetarian. The Major actor also shared his expression of being a vegetarian is giving up, on using products that harm animals. Sesh shared that he doesn’t prefer using leather products.

Adivi Sesh on Sustainable Living:

The actor further added, ” I use fake leather., instead of using animal-based leather products. The Goodachari actor also shares that he sticks to Puma for their practices in creating a product, and he is not endorsing it.

He has also shared his insights on how he attempts to live a sustainable life. When asked, if he looks into the practices and looks into the brand.

He shared” I do, and that can get tiring.”, implying that he keeps check on what goods he purchases. Adivi Sesh emphasizes his civic responsibility to make sure that he doesn’t use products that add to more waste than use. He shared, ” I don’t mean to sound racist when I say this, but I try not to wear or buy made-in-China products for the reason, that there’s a lot of wastage, and a lot of these companies including Nike. They don’t necessarily when they build their companies, in places like China. They don’t necessarily have the right ways of disposing of the waste there. He further added, ” There is no control over the pollution, of the bad water that goes out, and things of that nature.”

The actor also articulated that he prefers opting for traditional Indian products. During the interview, the actor was witnessed giving an instance about the recyclable cotton shirt he chose to wear. 

More about Adivi Sesh: 

The actor will next be seen in Goodachari 2, which is expected to release in 2024. 


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