SSMB29 – Prithviraj Sukumaran Role Revealed in SS Rajamouli’s Next

Renowned actor Prithviraj Sukumaran is poised to join the cast of SS Rajamouli’s highly anticipated film, ‘SSMB29’. This mega-budget project features Mahesh Babu in the lead role. While official confirmation regarding Prithviraj’s casting is expected soon, insiders reveal that the casting process for ‘SSMB 29’ is currently underway and announcements are imminent.

Prithviraj in Talks for SSMB29

Sources close to the production disclose that SS Rajamouli is in discussions with Prithviraj to play the film’s antagonist. Should negotiations succeed, audiences will witness a dynamic face-off between Prithviraj and Mahesh Babu. This role is not a conventional villainous character; rather, it is a well-crafted part with a significant narrative arc. The depth and complexity of this character are likely what attracted both Prithviraj and Mahesh Babu to the project.

Complex Character Development

The antagonist role that Prithviraj is being considered for is not a one-dimensional villain. The character comes with a rich backstory that provides compelling reasons for his actions, adding an extra layer of depth to the narrative. This complexity is anticipated to elevate the overall story, making it more engaging for the audience. The thoughtfully written part and the character’s substantial arc are significant factors that have drawn both Prithviraj and Mahesh Babu to this project.

‘SSMB29’: A Global Adventure

Earlier reports have described SS Rajamouli’s ‘SSMB 29’ as a globe-trotting adventure akin to the ‘Indiana Jones’ series. Producer KL Narayanan shared insights with Mahaa Max, revealing that the film will include diverse episodes set across various locations, including Africa. Additionally, the production has enlisted fighters from Vietnam to contribute to the film’s action sequences, promising an exciting and varied cinematic experience.

Mahesh Babu’s Introduction in Japan

In a recent trip to Japan for the screening of ‘RRR’, SS Rajamouli took the opportunity to introduce Mahesh Babu to Japanese audiences. During this event, Rajamouli teased ‘SSMB 29’. Mentioning that while the script is complete, the casting process is still ongoing. While Mahesh Babu confirmed as the protagonist. Rajamouli praised Mahesh Babu, noting his impressive acting skills and handsome appearance, and expressed hopes of bringing him to Japan during the film’s release.

Production Timeline and Future Announcements

Reports suggest that ‘SSMB 29’ is set to commence production later this year. Once the casting is finalized, SS Rajamouli plans to hold a press conference. With the entire cast and crew to officially introduce the team. Also provide further details about the project. This marks the beginning of an exciting phase for the film, promising more updates and announcements in the near future.


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