Rekha’s live-in relationship with her secretary is untrue. “Most often they target women.” claims the author

This Aag Ka Darya actress was entangled in various controversies. Bhanu Rekha Ganeshan has witnessed various ups and downs in her entire life, unlike other celebrities in the industry, Rekha’s life has always been a mystery for many people.

Previously Yasser, Usman’s The Untold Story which happens to be the biography of the actress took the internet by storm. The book was published in 2016 and exhibits Rekha’s journey in and out of the industry. The matters mentioned in the book were reported to claim, how Rekha has dealt with tangled relationships throughout her life.

Lately, Rekha and her secretary Farzana are reported to be in a live-in relationship. Farzana happens to take care of every single thing from the Rekha’s household matters to her professional occurences. It is reported that apart from Rekha and Farzana none are given access to Rekha’s bedroom, it is also reported that the house helpers are also not allowed into the room.

Rekha’s late husband is reported to have committed suicide for unknown reasons, but a few reports suggest directing the mysterious death to Farzana suggested the book, but Yaseer Usman broke the silence regarding the matter and stated that everything that is put out on the internet is untrue. “It’s despicable how clickbait journalism has an aversion towards verifying facts. And most often they target women. A statement.” Quoted the author.

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