Nani Hit 3 Gets A Star Hero As Villain

Nani has firmly established himself as one of the premier stars in Telugu cinema, enjoying a streak of consecutive hits. His current project, “Saripodhaa Sanivaaram,” directed by Vivek Athreya, is generating significant buzz. Amidst this busy schedule, Nani is also preparing for “HIT 3,” under the direction of Sailesh Kolanu.

Exciting Developments in Nani’s HIT 3

The first two installments of the HIT franchise featured Vishwak Sen and Adivi Sesh in the lead roles, respectively. However, the third part promises to escalate the excitement as Nani himself takes on the lead role. Due to delays with another of his films directed by Srikanth Odela, Nani has opted to prioritize and complete “HIT 3” first.

Rana Daggubati Joins HIT 3 as the Antagonist

According to inside sources, the talented Rana Daggubati has been cast as the main villain in “HIT 3.” The HIT series is known for its gripping investigative thriller elements, often portraying its protagonist as a police officer. In the second installment, Suhas portrayed the antagonist.

Rana Daggubati - IMDb

For the third part, Nani has decided to elevate the stakes by bringing in Rana Daggubati. Given their close friendship, Nani personally approached Rana for the role, and Rana accepted without hesitation. The shooting for the film is slated to commence within the next two months.

Pressure on Director Sailesh Kolanu

Director Sailesh Kolanu faces immense pressure to deliver with “HIT 3,” especially after his previous film, “Saindhav,” starring Venkatesh, failed at the box office. The director recently met with Nani, who gave his approval and support for the project. This backing is crucial as Kolanu aims to bounce back from his recent setback.

Increased Budget and Production

Nani, who also serves as the producer for the HIT franchise, has significantly increased the budget for the threequence,” largely due to Rana Daggubati‘s involvement. This enhanced investment underscores the ambition and scale of the project, promising to deliver a high-quality cinematic experience.


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