Janhvi Kapoor reveals her fashion choice of Peacock Lehenga

The glittering sangeet ceremony of Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant unfolded in Mumbai, drawing Bollywood’s brightest stars to celebrate the couple’s impending nuptials. Among the luminaries, Janhvi Kapoor stood out in a mesmerising ensemble that blended traditional elegance with modern glamour. Janhvi Kapoor reveals her fashion choice of Peacock Lehenga.

Fashion choice of Peacock Lehenga

Janhvi Kapoor’s attire paid homage to her cherished memories of Jamnagar, where solitude, nature, and wildlife intertwine. The vibrant hues of peacock feathers inspired her outfit, meticulously crafted by the renowned designer Manish Malhotra.

She captioned her pictures, ”For the last leg of celebrations I knew I wanted to wear things that have a personal meaning. Since so many of my most special memories have been in Jamnagar, in complete solitude from the world surrounded by nature and beauty and wildlife, and people I care about so deeply- we decided to take inspiration from there. Everywhere you look in Jamnagar, you will be greeted by a beautifully preening peacock or two, or three; or 10. Entering your lawns, fluttering their feathers, skipping across the roads, sometimes eating your breakfast. And so what started off as a peacock colored lehenga, ended up as a full on peacock feather skirt!! So in honor of DDC and PPC, in honor of the JAM WAGS- in honor of our Jam Mems ❤️ and most importantly in honor of Anant and @radhmerch1610 who always make us feel like their home is ours- a peacock lehenga executed to perfection by the genius @manishmalhotra05 and his most dedicated team of artists. M the details on this piece have left me speechless, thank you for making me feel special always. And special shout-out to @niharikavaggarwal for always giving in to my whims and fancies and annoying ideas 💕 sorry had to cut the can-can off before the dance 🥲”

The Peacock-Hued Lehenga: Janhvi’s lehenga featured a rich peacock colour, capturing the iridescence of the majestic bird. The skirt, adorned with faux peacock feathers, cascaded gracefully, evoking the bird’s regal plumage. The choli sparkled with shimmery details, adding a touch of glamour to the ensemble. Janhvi accessorised with a dazzling diamond necklace, enhancing her ethereal look. Her hair flowed freely, emphasising the natural beauty that inspired her choice.

Anant and Radhika’s Radiance: Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant, the soon-to-be-wed couple, radiated joy as they graced the red carpet. Anant donned a gold-embellished bandh gala paired with black pants, while Radhika stunned in an off-shoulder pistachio green lehenga. Their smiles and sweet interactions with the paparazzi reflected their excitement for the upcoming wedding.

Janhvi expressed gratitude to Manish Malhotra and his dedicated team for executing the peacock lehenga to perfection. She playfully mentioned @niharikavaggarwal, who accommodated her whims and ideas. The sangeet celebrated not only Anant and Radhika but also the bonds of friendship and shared memories—the “Jam Mems.” As Janhvi twirled in her feathered skirt, she embodied the spirit of celebration, love, and creativity—a fitting tribute to the couple embarking on their new journey together.



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