Emraan Hashmi reacts to being called “Serial Kisser” Image in Bollywood

Emraan Hashmi reacts to being called “Serial Kisser” Image in Bollywood. Emraan Hashmi, the versatile Bollywood actor, has long been associated with the label of the “serial kisser.” His on-screen chemistry and intimate scenes in films garnered significant attention, leading to this enduring image. However, in a recent candid podcast conversation, Hashmi delved into this aspect of his career, shedding light on how it became a defining part of his journey in the early 2000s.

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From “Murder” to the “Serial Kisser” Tag

Emraan Hashmi gained prominence with his role as the obsessive lover in Anurag Basu’s 2006 erotic thriller, “Murder.” The film featured several passionate kissing scenes, which became a hallmark of Hashmi’s performances. Following the success of “Murder,” he continued to feature in movies with lip-lock sequences, solidifying his reputation as the “serial kisser” of Bollywood.

He acknowledged that artists often become associated with specific traits or images, and these labels tend to stick. Drawing a parallel, he mentioned Shah Rukh Khan’s iconic arms-opening pose, Salman Khan’s shirtless scenes, and Anil Kapoor’s famous “Jhakaas” dialogue as examples of such trademark elements in Bollywood. For Hashmi, the “serial kisser” tag was both a compliment and a challenge, shaping his career trajectory.

Taking Responsibility

Hashmi emphasized that he doesn’t blame the audience for this perception. Instead, he recognized that a significant part of his career until 2009 revolved around the image that producers actively promoted. He even admitted to contributing to this branding himself. His willingness to embrace bold scenes, including intimate moments, set him apart from other actors.

The Evolution and Beyond Despite the “serial kisser” label, Emraan Hashmi has evolved as an actor. He no longer feels confined by this image, having retired from that phase of his career. His recent cameo in Sara Ali Khan’s film “Ae Watan Mere Watan” and his upcoming Telugu projects, “OG” and “G2,” demonstrate his versatility and willingness to explore diverse roles.

Emraan Hashmi reacts to being called “Serial Kisser” Image in Bollywood. In conclusion, Emraan Hashmi’s candid revelations provide insight into the complexities of fame, typecasting, and personal growth within the entertainment industry. As audiences continue to appreciate his talent, it’s essential to recognize that actors are more than the roles they play—they are multifaceted individuals with stories beyond the screen.


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