Diddy, legal team split; Gaga rumors denied.

In a shocking turn of events, music mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs has parted ways with his longstanding legal team, the renowned New York City law firm Grubman, Shire, Meiselas & Sacks. Known for representing top music industry figures, the firm reportedly made the decision to drop Diddy due to mounting legal issues, including allegations of sexual assault, battery, harassment, and trafficking.

A spokesperson from the firm clarified to Page Six that the decision to sever ties with Diddy was made months ago, stating, “The decision to part ways with Mr. Combs was proactively made by the partners as they felt it was the right thing to do.” This statement comes amid swirling rumors that pop icon Lady Gaga, another prominent client of the firm, influenced the split.

Rumors of Lady Gaga’s Involvement

Reports quickly surfaced claiming that Lady Gaga, deemed “too big to lose,” issued an ultimatum, suggesting she would leave the firm if they continued representing Diddy. This led to speculation that the firm chose to prioritize Gaga to protect their prestigious reputation and client roster.

However, the firm vehemently denied these allegations, stating, “The report that the decision was the result of client pressure just isn’t true.” Gaga’s legal team also confirmed that no such conversation took place. Despite this, the rumor mill continues to buzz, with some sources asserting that Gaga’s influence played a role in the firm’s decision.

Diddy’s departure from the firm follows a string of allegations and legal challenges. High-profile figures such as The Weeknd, Usher, and Drake have distanced themselves from him, further isolating the once-celebrated artist. His legal troubles intensified after searches of his Miami and Los Angeles residences in connection to sex trafficking accusations.

Diddy’s Fall from Grace

This isn’t the first time Diddy has faced significant professional setbacks. Recently, a leaked video reportedly showed him physically assaulting former partner Cassie Ventura, who accused him of sexual harassment last year. As a result, Diddy has lost major brand ambassador roles and studio affiliations. Even New York Mayor Eric Adams requested the return of the City’s key after the video went viral.

While the exact reasons behind the firm’s decision remain unclear, the repercussions of Diddy’s legal troubles are evident. The split with his legal team marks another chapter in the unfolding saga of the music mogul’s public and professional unraveling.

As Diddy stays out of the spotlight, speculation continues about the influence of Lady Gaga and the future of his career. With multiple allegations still pending, the once-revered artist faces a challenging road ahead.


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