Did Khushi and Vedang Raina just confirm their relationship?

Vedang Raina and Khushi Kapoor, two of the rising stars from the upcoming film “The Archies,” have recently collaborated on a promotional campaign for the dating app Bumble. The campaign has stirred a lot of excitement, not just for the app but also due to the rumors surrounding their relationship.

Khushi’s sister, Janhvi Kapoor, further fueled these speculations with her comments on the post, which fans interpreted as a subtle confirmation of the rumored romance.

Khushi Kapoor’s Enthusiasm for Bumble

In the latest advertisement for Bumble, Khushi Kapoor is shown on a film set, getting her hair styled. With a charming smile, she expresses her excitement about the app’s new feature: “Wait, I don’t always have to make the first move on Bumble anymore? So I can choose any opening move and all my matches can see? Nice, I like it.” This statement highlights Bumble’s updated feature allowing users more flexibility in starting conversations, which Khushi finds appealing.

Vedang Raina’s Playful Entry

As Khushi shares her thoughts, Vedang Raina makes a playful entrance, adding, “And, I love it. Let’s go.” This interaction between the two actors is casual yet filled with a chemistry that fans have found endearing. The ad continues with the duo engaging in a light-hearted conversation, covering a range of relatable topics.

Engaging Conversations: Binge-Watching, Pilates, and More

In the video, Khushi and Vedang discuss various subjects that resonate with young audiences. They talk about binge-watching their favorite shows, enjoying movie marathons, indulging in guilty pleasures, and maintaining a fitness routine with pilates. Their banter is natural and engaging, showcasing their off-screen camaraderie. The dialogue also subtly emphasizes the app’s goal of creating connections based on shared interests.

Green and Red Flags in Relationships

A particularly amusing segment of the video is their discussion on relationship green and red flags. Khushi confidently states, “I personally believe I am a walking green flag,” a statement that elicits a witty response from Vedang. He playfully counters, “To me, a green flag is when someone is kind, and a red flag is when someone claims ‘I am a walking green flag’.” This exchange not only highlights their chemistry but also adds a touch of humor to the campaign.

The advertisement concludes with the message, “Try a new way to make the first move,” reinforcing Bumble’s innovative approach to online dating. The video’s light-hearted and relatable content effectively conveys the app’s new features while keeping the audience entertained.

Social Media Buzz and Celebrity Endorsements

After Bumble’s official Instagram page uploaded the video, it quickly garnered attention. Janhvi Kapoor, Khushi’s sister, commented on the post with “Cuties (sic),” a remark that fans interpreted as an affectionate endorsement of the rumored couple.

Janhvi's comment under the Bumble video

Renowned filmmaker Zoya Akhtar also showed her support by dropping heart emojis in the comments. These endorsements from prominent personalities added to the video’s credibility and reach.

Zoya's comment under the Bumble video

Rumors of a Budding Romance

The collaboration on the Bumble campaign is not the first instance where Vedang Raina and Khushi Kapoor’s chemistry has caught the public eye. Following their roles in “The Archies,” where they starred alongside Suhana Khan and Agastya Nanda, rumors about their off-screen relationship began to circulate.

The speculation intensified when they were spotted together at Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant’s pre-wedding festivities in Jamnagar in March. Their frequent appearances together have led fans to believe that there’s more than just professional camaraderie between the two.

Vedang Raina Upcoming Projects

On the professional front, Vedang Raina has several exciting projects lined up. He is set to star opposite Alia Bhatt in the film “Jigra.” The anticipation for “Jigra” is high, with fans eager to see Vedang’s performance in this new venture.

Khushi Kapoor’s Next Film

Meanwhile, Khushi Kapoor is also making strides in her acting career. She is working on a film opposite Junaid Khan, the son of superstar Aamir Khan. Junaid’s debut film, “Maharaj,” is set to stream on Netflix from June 14.


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