“DD Returns Sequel”: A Spooky Laughter Riot

“DD Returns Sequel” is the much-awaited follow-up to the successful horror-comedy film “DD Returns.” Directed by debutant S. Prem Anand and produced by C. Ramesh Kumar under RK Entertainment, this film promises to deliver more laughs, scares, and supernatural shenanigans. “DD Returns Sequel”, A Spooky Laughter Riot.

“DD Returns Sequel”:

The protagonist, played by the talented Santhanam, stumbles upon a bag filled with money and jewels. To evade the police, he hides it in a haunted bungalow. But there’s a twist—the ghost haunting the place challenges him to a survival game. Will he escape with the bag, or will the supernatural forces have the last laugh?

  • Santhanam: Our beloved comedian takes the lead, infusing humor into spine-chilling situations.
  • Surbhi: She joins the cast as Sofia, adding charm and mystery.
  • Maanasa Choudhary: The talented actress steps into the female lead role.
  • Arya: As the producer, Arya ensures that the film packs a punch.
  • Premanand (Part-1 Dir): The director weaves together comedy, horror, and suspense.

Behind the Scenes

The film’s journey began in 2019 when Rambhala announced plans for a third installment in the “Dhilluku Dhuddu” series, initially referred to as “Dhilluku Dhuddu 3.” However, creative differences led to S. Prem Anand taking the director’s chair. Anand, who previously collaborated with Santhanam on the comedy series “Lollu Sabha,” brings his unique touch to the film.

Scenes were shot across Chennai and Pondicherry, with Surbhi, Masoom Shankar, and Pradeep Rawat joining the ensemble. The film’s completion in December 2022 marked a significant milestone, and the title “DD Returns Sequel” was unveiled in April 2023.

Music and Atmosphere

OfRo, in his maiden collaboration with Santhanam and Prem, composes the film’s music. Expect a blend of quirky tunes, eerie melodies, and foot-tapping beats. The soundtrack sets the mood for both laughter and spine-tingling moments.

Anticipation and Release

Fans eagerly await “DD Returns Sequel,” hoping for more hilarious encounters with the supernatural. The film hit theaters on 28 July 2023, and early reviews suggest a successful blend of comedy and horror. Whether you’re a fan of Santhanam’s wit or a lover of spooky tales, this sequel promises a rollercoaster ride of emotions.


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