Anushka Sharma’s Playful Reaction to Virat Kohli’s Flirting Revealed by Influencer

Anushka Sharma’s Playful Reaction to Virat Kohli’s Flirting Revealed by Influencer. Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli, the power couple of Indian entertainment and cricket, have always kept their relationship private. However, a recent social media post by influencer Freddy Birdy sheds light on a delightful moment from their early dating days.

The Interview Anecdote

Freddy Birdy, known for his engaging content, shared a captivating story on his Instagram. Years ago, he interviewed Anushka Sharma for a magazine. Describing her as “utterly gorgeous” and “completely unpretentious,” Freddy recalled how Anushka was both funny and relaxed during their conversation. Her talkative nature made the interview enjoyable.

The Question That Stumped Anushka: As the interview progressed, Freddy’s curiosity got the better of him. He decided to ask the million-dollar question: Was Anushka dating Virat Kohli? Anushka, displaying her acting skills, pretended to know nothing about the query. But fate had other plans.

Virat’s Flirting Overheard

Moments later, Anushka’s phone rang. It was Virat Kohli, and he was in full flirt mode. Freddy could hear Virat making dinner plans with her. Anushka’s playful act had been just that—an act. The truth was out, and it was endearing.

Anushka’s Response: In response to Freddy’s post, Anushka showered hearts and hugs. Journalist Barkha Dutt appreciated the “Barkha Dutt instincts” that led to the revealing question. Actor Aparshakti Khurana sent love and blessings to the couple.

A Love Story for the Ages: Anushka and Virat’s love story began in 2016, culminating in a secret wedding in Italy. Now parents to daughter Vamika and son Akaay, they continue to be an inspiration to fans worldwide.

What Lies Ahead: As Virat focused on his post-T20 cricket journey, Anushka geared up for her next film, “Chakda Xpress.” Their love story, now etched in the annals of celebrity lore, remains an inspiration. Anushka’s playful reaction during that interview—a mix of acting and genuine affection—reminds us that love is both scripted and spontaneous.

Anushka Sharma’s Playful Reaction to Virat Kohli’s Flirting Revealed by Influencer. So, the next time you see Anushka cheering for Virat from the stands or sharing a cozy moment on social media, remember this tale—the one where an influencer’s question unraveled a love story that continues to capture hearts.


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