Ryan Reynolds IF Box Office Collections Day 1

IF is the new movie with which John Krasinski and Ryan Reynolds are aiming for box office success.  which revolves around imaginary friends. The film has already made $1.75 million in previews. On Thursday, it grossed $1.8 million, compared to “Wonka” ($3.5 million) and “Elemental” ($2.4 million).

IF Box Office in India

Unfortunately, “IF,” starring Ryan Reynolds, had a lackluster release in India, earning around Rs 15 lakhs. It faced tough competition from the Hollywood holdover “Kingdom Of The Planet Of The Apes” and the new animated film “The Garfield Movie.”

North America Box Office Collections

In North America, “IF” grossed approximately $1.8 million from Thursday night previews and $8.5 million on Friday. This suggests an opening weekend of around $33 million. Positive word of mouth and family audience support bode well for the film, but achieving a final gross of over $100 million would be a significant success.

In its second week, “IF” will face competition from “The Garfield Movie.” Both films target a similar audience, and if “The Garfield Movie” receives better reception, it could impact “IF’s” long-term prospects.

Opening Weekend BO Predictions

Early estimates indicate that “IF” could earn $22 million to $27 million during its 3-day opening weekend in the United States. Few indications with some suggesting as low as $35 million and others as high as $45 million. Despite its promising start, the film’s $110 million budget necessitates strong global box office receipts for profitability.


The film follows 12-year-old Bea (Cailey Fleming), temporarily living with her grandmother (Fiona Shaw) while her father (John Krasinski) undergoes surgery nearby. Feeling too old for childhood joys, Bea’s father encourages her to cherish these moments.

One day, she glimpses an imaginary creature running up the stairway. Later, she encounters Calvin (Ryan Reynolds) and Blue (voiced by Steve Carell), who aim to reunite forgotten Imaginary Friends with kids. Their mission unfolds against the backdrop of imagination and nostalgia.


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