Bigg Boss OTT 3: Ranvir Shorey and Sana Makbul’s fiery dispute

Bigg Boss OTT 3 continues to captivate audiences with its daily dose of drama, keeping viewers eagerly anticipating each episode. The contestants are leaving no stone unturned to amp up the excitement, employing various strategies to ensure a thrilling experience. The producers are also set to introduce even more twists and turns in the forthcoming episodes to maintain the high level of drama.

Mid-Week Eviction Shakes Bigg Boss OTT 3 House

On June 26, the show saw a surprising mid-week eviction, resulting in wrestler Neeraj Goyat’s departure from the house. Shivani Kumari, who was also nominated for eviction, managed to stay, but the atmosphere turned emotional as all the contestants voted for her eviction, leading her to tears. The unexpected eviction heightened the tension and emotions within the house.

Ranvir Shorey’s Attempt at Humor Offends Shivani Kumari

In a dramatic twist, while Shivani was crying, Ranvir Shorey attempted to lighten the mood by mimicking her, saying, “Humare ko toh audience ne bachaya hai. (The audience saved me).” However, this gesture offended Shivani, who responded emotionally, “Bhaiya, audience ke upar mazak mat udao. Aap ek dum chup ho jao. (Don’t make fun of the audience. Just stay completely silent).” This incident marked the beginning of escalating tensions.

Sana Makbul Intervenes and Clashes with Ranvir Shorey

Makbul stepped in to support Shivani, leading to a heated argument with Ranvir Shorey. Sana started by explaining, “When she said she’s too fragile,” but Ranvir cut her off, asserting, “You don’t have to play lawyer here.” Sana retorted, “I am not playing lawyer. Understand the situation here. You calling her immature and then you’re mimicking her.” The clash between the two contestants intensified the already charged atmosphere.

Ranvir Shorey Defends His Actions in Bigg Boss OTT 3

Ranvir defended his actions, stating, “I am telling her she should treat people the way she treats people, see how it feels when somebody treats her like that.” Sana, however, questioned his timing and approach, arguing, “When somebody is broken, you’ll teach the lesson right now?” This exchange highlighted the differing perspectives on how to handle sensitive situations within the house.

Heated Exchanges and Rising Tensions

As tensions rose, Ranvir stood firm, insisting, “She’s not broken, she’s happy. I don’t need lessons from you. I am talking to her, I will say whatever I want to say.” Sana, unwilling to back down, responded, “Oh my god, I think you really need lessons from me.” The confrontation between Sana and Ranvir highlighted the growing animosity and the volatile dynamics among the contestants.

Sana Makbul Advises Against Mimicry

In the heat of the argument, Sana advised Shivani, “Aaj se karna mat kisi ki mimicry, log girgit ki tarah rang badalte hai (From today onwards, don’t mimic anyone. People change colors like chameleons),” to which Ranvir retorted, “Tum zyada bolo mat, girgit tumse bada koi nahi hai yahan. (Don’t talk too much; there’s no bigger chameleon here than you).” This exchange underscored the deep-seated conflicts and the complex relationships within the Bigg Boss house.


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