Bigg Boss OTT 3: Krittika trends after Payal for using Armaan

One of the most controversial trios on Bigg Boss OTT 3, or perhaps in India overall, is Armaan Malik and his two wives, Payal and Kritika. Their unique relationship has consistently drawn public attention, particularly regarding the dynamics of having two wives coexisting harmoniously. Recently, Kritika has made headlines for her bold statement concerning their unconventional arrangement.

Kritika’s Bold Statement

Kritika recently addressed the topic of sharing her husband, Armaan, with Payal. In a candid and somewhat provocative statement, she remarked, “Yaar jab dusre ka pati use kar leti hu toh ye toh phir bhi towel hai.” This translates to, “When I can use someone else’s husband, it’s still just a towel.” Kritika’s comment highlights her nonchalant attitude towards their shared relationship, implying that if she can share a husband, sharing a towel is insignificant.

Bigg Boss OTT 3 Incident

The conversation unfolded during a discussion between Poulomi Das and Armaan Malik. Poulomi observed that Kritika had used Armaan’s towel and questioned them about it. Armaan responded first, posing a rhetorical question about whether they should refrain from using each other’s towels since they are husband and wife. He emphasized the normalcy of such an act within their marriage. It was at this point that Kritika interjected, humorously noting that if she can share her best friend Payal’s husband, sharing a towel is trivial in comparison.

Aftermath in Bigg Boss OTT 3

Poulomi initially laughed at Kritika’s statement. However, upon realizing the gravity of her words, Kritika quickly added that only she is allowed to make such jokes. She warned that if anyone else attempted to make similar remarks, she would react aggressively, even threatening to break their face. This reaction underscores the delicate balance in their relationship and Kritika’s protective stance over their unique marital arrangement.

Armaan’s Stance on Payal Remarrying

Just a day before Kritika’s headline-making statement, Armaan Malik expressed strong feelings about the idea of Payal remarrying. He declared that if Payal ever considered marrying another man, he would insist that she stay with her new husband. Despite having two wives, Armaan confessed that while Payal has accepted his marriage to Kritika, he would not be able to accept her marrying someone else. This conversation took place with Sana Makbul Khan, who had raised the question, prompting Armaan to defensively articulate his position.


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